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The FTA Document

Welcome to the Alliance

Welcome to the official website of the Free Territory Alliance (FTA).  This alliance was created by Jonathan T Gilliam (Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent) to give the patriotic citizenry a solid foundation, outside the control of corrupt government authority, by placing the power of unity back into the hands of the people. The FTA gives you a starting point for unity by providing you the opportunity to take an oath to stand together against tyranny, electronically sign your name to the FTA document, and help build an understanding of where safe, free areas are located in and around the United States. On July 4, 1776, fifty-six people signed the Declaration of Independence, signaling a tyrannical leader that his oppressive reign over this great nation had ended. Imagine what we could do with seventy million signatures!


Take the oath!  Sign the document!  Stand united!


Jonathan T Gilliam Reads the FTA

Download the FTA

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Take The Oath

Let it be known, free of malice or pressure, I swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the freedoms listed therein, against all enemies be they foreign or domestic. That I pledge not to capitulate to any other form of government beyond that which is defined in our nation’s founding documents. I swear this in front of all the citizenry and God himself, that I shall be held to this oath by the same.  And as such, I shall sign my name on this alliance that it may be known I made this pledge and commitment, which I intend to uphold, so help me God.

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