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How It Works

The more people who take the pledge and sign the FTA, the more powerful and unified We The People will become, as the Founding Fathers intended us to be.


  1. Your signature shows your dedication and is an overt gesture of unification under one oath, normally reserved for individuals being sworn into official office.  The names will not be stored in a usable database beyond a record of your patriotic dedication.  But it is important to note, only 56 people signed the Declaration of Independence, creating the foundation of power used to defeat the tyrannical dominance of Great Britain.  Our goal with the FTA is 70+ million signatures in order to take the governing power away from corrupt political parties and leftist subversive ideologies, and give it back to the people. 

  2. By compiling the location of signees, a physical picture of locations with populations and leaders that refuse to capitulate to socialism or any other form of government will emerge.  This will give concerned patriotic citizens an understanding of where freedom reigns and where socialism is growing, as well as a head start towards safety and security in the case of a rapid shift in government.

  3. By supplying your email address, vital, vetted information that is critical to the

citizenry will be distributed nationwide when needed and in times of crisis.  Regardless of natural disaster or political turmoil, this mass email system will eventually work as a modern-day Paul Revere, to signal danger and provide information you can use to develop your plans of action. 

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