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How It Began

How the FTA Began


HOW THE FTA BEGAN:  The FTA was drafted by Jonathan T. Gilliam, US Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent.  Like so many, Mr. Gilliam saw the shift towards tyrannical control occurring in the nation at all levels of government and within communities around the nation.  When hosting on national radio shows and traveling all over the nation, Mr. Gilliam was repeatedly asked the same question “what can we do?” 


People everywhere were and are concerned with how they can stand against a system that is owned by, and rigged in favor of, corruption and leftist ideologies.  As Covid19 became a tool of control for politicians, and socialism took hold in many locations and at the federal level, the questions changed to a focus on how to prepare for the civil war that so many see as inevitable. 


Out of this question, “what can we do?” Mr. Gilliam contemplated an idea of free, unified safe zones around the country that would serve as rally points for patriots as well as a way to apply pressure on elected officials not to capitulate to socialism.  These free, unified safe zones would in turn give people an initial starting point for unified plans of action, while giving community leaders a strong unified voice of the people to use offensively against socialism. 

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